“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your mind and with all your soul.”

That, really, is what it is all about–every minute, every hour, every day. This blog describes my life, as I’m living it, in the grace and mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ, ever sustained by Him and resting fully in His promise and His glory. This is not to say that I’m perfect, but that I continue to realize day by day the utter faithfulness of God.

So let us begin. We’ll compare Ezekiels visions to those of John as recorded in the book of Revelation. Together, we’ll ponder why Jesus chose to bless us with His greatest gift at the time of Passover as opposed to, say, the Day of Atonement–and what significance Pentecost has in the context of Shavuot. We’ll explore the intricacies of David Ritter’s one worship album, even though it is now out-of-print and, according to some, woefully outdated; of Korean and Dutch and Japanese worship music, despite the fact that we really don’t speak those languages; and even of children’s music, whether or not we fit within the 2-10 age bracket. Along the way, of course, there will be those “show, don’t tell” moments in which I enumerate the reasons that a coffee cup or a husband pillow or a plain and rickety table have sentimental value, or describe the significance of 27 January 2003, or analyze the grammar of Christ-centered writing.

Why? Why the need? Because, sometimes, we forget to saturate our days with an understanding of the holiness of God. Sometimes, the need to study for an exam or wash the dishes or help a child colour a picture seems to obliterate the glory we knew at first. Oh, but how I long for His presence every day!–and how I never want other things, whether leisurely or merely productive, to obscure my relationship with Jesus Christ! So, this blog is intended to help me and to keep my heart focused. If it helps or blesses others, we all have the Lord to bless and thank and adore.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. By the way…it left me speechless because I feel and receive the ever so close-related soul here. And not only the soul but the spiritual soul, and not only “spiritual” but filled with the HOLY spirit.

    There is this valuable memorandum of George Mallory, saying “Because it is THERE” (in all it’s high majestic greatness, targeted on Mt.Everest), you can easily draw the lines to YOUR subject…brother. Thank you for patiently reading this.


  2. Both interpretations! I realize that I write and think differently than most others in this modern era of ours, and I hoped you subscribed to my thoughts on and love for the Holy Spirit. I praise the Lord that you do!

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